My work is about the human body. I talk about the body being at stake. I situate the human body in different contexts and scenarios to convey the feelings of suffering, pain, trauma, and death but also combine an element of “humor” to my work. Humor balances the overall heaviness of the themes I deal with. In fact, it is not blunt unpleasantness that I am going after but rather subtle unpleasantness. I want the viewer to feel amused but at the same time, or maybe a few seconds, minutes, hours, days later, feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in a way that is subtle and gentle, but captivating. The pursuit of subtlety is why my work is abstract. I try to sneak up on the viewer’s unconsciousness rather than being instantly readable. Hence, my goal is finding that sweet spot between pain and joy, heaviness and whimsy, pleasantness and unpleasantness, death and life, confusing the viewer’s emotions and eventually, putting their bodies at stake as well.