My work investigates the use of images to influence thought and our complicity as viewers in that process. Taking from many sources, I reduce images to a common language, using the premise of increased legibility to point to their partial legibility in the first place. I’m providing space to slow down and consider visual processes usually ignored, while encouraging critical thinking on aesthetic filters, media messaging and mass communication.

My materials and sources are quotidian–inkjet transfers, phone snapshots, appropriated memes; paper and repurposed cotton sheets refer to things many of us have and understand. Or we think we do. There’s a politics in decelerating through repetition and deconstruction. It urges us to take a closer look at the power and fallibility of the pictures we create.

Beyond producing art, I use curating and collaborative actions to define a context for my own work and widely intervene in the narrative of contemporary art. I work hard to create a sustainable community through artist-run initiatives, where we openly circulate ideas and self-release the resultant works. I have co-founded an artist-run gallery and an underground music label, published multiple artists’ books, and curated major public art projects. By engaging in organizing as a form of art I share opportunities, directly address issues of representation, and exert control over the means of production. I’m representing a holistic view of the world–recognizing that a world is, at any given moment, both complete and in a constant process of becoming.