A world within another world. Where one reality, my own, evolves and grows into the reality we all are familiar with. The familiar reality we wake up to and then at the end of the day rest from. While in our reality my space, either in a studio space or outside on a street or in nature, I turn everything off and then allow my hands, eyes, and mind to make. With only the materials around me and few references I turn off all my worries, fears, and all distractions to solely focus on the work and expressing myself. Closed off, I am to mindfully think about each decision I choose while working. By practicing this exercise, I am able to improve and plan the next steps I could take. And then edit, contemplate, and strategize the work.

From the lines drawn to hours mixing paint in preparation, my studio practice evolves every minute. I am interested in my work becoming more of an experience for a viewer and exploring various ways and means on how to introduce my reality into the familiar reality we all know. Figuring how to transfer two-dimensional works into three-dimensional forms has been a course yet learned, but I am met with challenges often. What is met is, to me, viewed as a test or lesson where I gain a new understanding or way to adapt.