Kaylie Kaitschuck is a Michigan-born and based artist graduating from Cranbrook Academy of Art this May. Kaylie creates Utopian-influenced works inspired by myth, fantasy, and dreams. She builds up her surface with different textile techniques such as embroidery and traditional rug hooking. These methods build up layers of chaos to result in yarn paintings that are seemingly more playful than they are meant to be.

“Find me floating in a cloud to the next day. Sometimes it’s easy and sunny and sometimes I get
lost in the smoke. Sometimes I get electrocuted. But I end up in the same place and I do it again,
and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. There’s a chance tomorrow
will be sunny though. I’m feeling sleepy again. But I can’t seem to remember these dreams.

Michigan is dark. I love my family. Tomorrow will be better. I’m going for a drive.”