My work inhabits a space between worlds. What seems fractured at first eventually resolves into a whole which incorporates in the viewer as something interconnected, larger, and far less safe initially assumed.

I consider myself a transdisciplinary artist, incorporating photographic techniques, printmaking techniques, painting techniques, video art, performance, material knowledge, research and data, interconnectivity and multiplicity, nonlinear narrative, neurodivergence, philosophy, the sciences, technology, affect and depth psychology, and dark humor.

These are the carrier pigeons for communicating the hidden, poetic, and deeply personal.

Compelled by my nature to gather information, know it, understand it in its complexity, and create from it, I weave together, play with, and address the following systems of understanding to draw out the nature, quality, and texture of the phenomenological experience.

  • Prediction
  • The phenomenon of experience
  • Space/Time
  • Multiplicity
  • Interconnectivity
  • The physiological/sensual, affectual, and symbolic systems of understanding
  • Memory
  • Experienced, known, and categorized phenomena
  • The potential of unknown and unexperienced phenomena

I seek to explore, understand, and refine the subtle texture of reality

I find this ability in the poetics of interrelationship between these systems.