My work is multi-disciplinary, traversing the terrains of fiber art, performance, installation, photography, and video while incorporating an improvisational response to materials, people, and space both analog and digital. Layering accumulations of handmade textiles and textures, I covet, collect, and combine, applying traditional fiber processes such as immersion dyeing, crochet, and surface embellishment. Detailed, immersive scenarios emerge wherein participants are sometimes encouraged to intervene, resulting in the creation of material residues and images.

Within my practice, I dissect romanticized diametrical metonymies of utopian and dystopian landscapes, while imagining a less human-centered future where we learn to thrive in symbiosis with the natural world. As a maker I want to engage, however abstractly, in a revisualization of human trajectory – a counter to the spectre of infinitely accelerating industrial growth and subsequent environmental collapse… and a hopeful projection of a reclamation of the earth by wildness.

My work teases through the constructs of beauty, vitality, and the sublime as demonstrated through a glorified, romantic vision of the natural… images of growth and multiplicity at an exponential level. A phantasmatic mind-space where curling, entangled plant life provides a canvas of green upon which all else grows. Here, a symbiosis takes hold—a dissolution and subsequent reanimation of the self as existing within, and deeply connected bodily to an ecosystem of seemingly endless and bountiful biodiversity.

This comes together through the use of textiles and textures that mimic natural forms and hold a history of care. I collaborate with the deceased, making and unmaking vintage doilies and trimmings which are crafted by often unknown hands… admired and shared with an intention to saturate, obscure, soften, and protect the hard angles and surfaces of the domestic space.

Topographical scenarios grow from my interactions with these found textiles as I layer and join, deconstruct, hand dye, crochet into, and situate them within navigable landscapes. I capture and translate these mini worlds, moving my cameras lens over and through them, emulating a perspective of curiosity and discovery.