I’m Rence Xu, as known as Cranbrook Freeman who observing and getting lost in this world. For me, the source of the problem is the curiosity for the unknown truth. This innate curiosity is subconscious and irresistible. The cognition of the unknown disturbing my inner peace. As human beings, the possibility of knowing the true world makes people choose a road that has no chance to turn back.

The greater the degree of elimination of restrictions, the greater the probability of self-knowledge. Then we increased the probability of cognition of the entirety. But this idea itself has gradually drawn a line in my mind. And this line is my biggest fear because it creates a boundary. It is common and easy to deny the past self, but it can not solve the problem from the current cognitive limitations. And it is extremely difficult to deny ourselves at the moment when we make a decision. To achieve this goal to save me from being trapped. I would like to do self-destruction to increase the possibility to open my mind to learn the truth.