When I was a small child, I had a recurring nightmare: I transformed into a monster and rampaged my hometown. I believe we are all monsters in disguise. We are beasts, in denial of our animalistic nature. We can’t sense the wolf under our noses.

I paint about our existential connection with the natural world by exploring themes of memory, consciousness and time, power dynamics and agency, sexuality and womanhood. I’m interested in the roles we play and the stereotypes we erect, and how I can subvert these things by linking us to our animalistic underbellies. I’m interested in female sexuality and the maternal instinct, where the two intersect, and how they relate to power dynamics, ambition and agency. I use the female and maternal body as symbols of power–presenting female desire as a predatory instinct and a catalyst for transformation and change.

I want to make you see the wolf. In your shadow, under my skin. See her there? She’s close, she’s coming.