Embracing her role as a young hot ebony on the internet, Qualeasha asks not only herself, but her audience to contend with relationships of consumption, worship, and autonomy as it relates to historical and modern contextualization of black femininity. She works primarily in weaving, tufting, sculpture and printmaking to have critical conversations surrounding blackness, voyeurism, queerness, internet aesthetics and their intersections respectively.

Qualeasha Wood is a black post internet artist from Long Branch, New Jersey. She holds a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions at the Trout Museum of Art, WI; New Image Art, CA; Cooper Cole, ON; Gluon Gallery, WI; Canada Gallery, NY; and many more.

Qualeasha is the first recipient of the Director’s Fellowship for the Photography Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.