In Violet Luczak’s recent series, Your Ass Sucks Buttermilk. I Herd It Through The Bovine. Feat. Monsanto and Nestlé, Luczak applies both a surrealist and feminist lens to capitalism’s engineered impact on animal bodies and our cultural understanding of nutrition. With a specific focus on the dairy industry, Luczak is interested in exploring the way mass media affects our minds, behaviors, thoughts, and actions. By using surrealism’s strong links to pop-culture and advertising, her work is able to question cultural norms through the distortion of recognizable marketing tropes to prod at the psyche of the contemporary consumer.

Violet Luczak has participated in various exhibitions, including but not limited to, DragonFLY’s Chicago Artists Exhibition, Chicago, IL; the Detroit Artist Market’s CAA Exhibition (Finalist), Detroit, MI; the Curiosity National Fine Arts Exhibition, Woodstock, IL; Ann Arbor Art Center’s Works in Progress Exhibition, Ann Arbor, MI; and the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Exhibition, Detroit, MI. Luczak has also been published in New American Paintings No. 147 MFA Annual Issue, It’s Nice That, and YoungSpace.