My work operates as installation, drawing, painting, and sculpture, but has a central interest in contemporary painting. I see my studio practice as well as exhibition-making as a critical medium. Curated installations set up a space for contemplation and act as a theater, developing into a place for historical references. Exploring painting’s conceptual limits, complicated narratives are constructed, and motifs emerge from my subconscious, leaning towards criticality and humor. By representing a visual lexicon of images and symbols, I employ autobiographical references through gay iconography, Christian imagery, sexuality, and gender identity.

Critically thinking through a feminist/queer lens, I am deconstructing and actively dealing with the complications of the history of painting. My works induce paradoxical thought, and the enigmatic value system inherently constructed turns towards irreverence.

I am interested in the theoretical and the immediate, engaging with the present tense of the gesture. Pure abstraction follows figurative explicitness and sculptures become accessories for paintings. I am actively examining painting established by Abstract Expressionism, a formal play, where one mark leads to another. A subjective storytelling develops via mark making, image, and symbol. Signifiers arise throughout composed spaces that are interrupted by critical thought. By way of critique, image-making becomes a type of weaponry.