My work is a growing landscape of stuff from which I arrange a vocabulary of forms and textures related to the body. I collect, archive, and compose my relationships to objects and materials.
STUFF—found, made, used, functional, familiar, and fantastical.

I make things out of what’s left. As I move from place to place I collect more and more parts, making new parts to fit them, together they become a hybrid, —a dialogue between the familiar and its crypt.

By using found materials I take an already charged, identifiable site to subvert the known and to expose a hidden, new potential. The act of merging found with fabricated calls for a possibility of transformation. This process raises questions about the known character of things. Where prior knowledge and absolute truths lose their exclusivity. This is my way to undercut specification in and of time, place, origin, and function.

By its nature, jewelry is both a personal, intimate object and a mobile one that can travel and also be forgotten, lost, gifted, or traded. I work at the intersection of the inherent properties of jewelry, and notions of nomadism, identity landscapes, and the aesthetics of care.
Things are in constant flux and my work accepts the concept of temporary as a way of being. The objects I make are the expression of this perception and exist in a speculative realm. By offering an alternative subculture for framing materials and objects I’m reflecting on contemporary life and expressing my concerns.