The aim of my art practice is to analyze the sympathies of human desire and create a unique formal language in order to find therapy for childhood trauma or therapy for society to reduce psychological violence. Therefore, I usually intentionally transgress the boundaries both personal and cultural, which involve conversations of privacy, vulnerability, and intimacy. By pushing and working with the limitations of people’s ideologies, I engage people in intense moments.

Making symbolic objects and acting with them is my strategy of creating an atmosphere that is similar to what I experienced. My works focus on creating fairy tales of imaginary creatures that reflect my thinking about the relationship between me and society. They are usually composed of found objects or found concepts and origami animals. The found are the symbols of the outside environment that contain the spirit or the ideas and present a structure to the works. And the creature parasites in the found structures are a symbol of meaning or definitions. By balancing the mixed objects in the works, I attempt to create a system in which the compositions contain each other while they are twisting the balance, forming an unearthly harmony. I define my work as modern fairy tales that criticize the system that produces toxic social norms. Then, combine it with performance will enlarge the effect and depict a vivid ‘ridiculous’ reality of mine.