A fleck of ash, drop of blue, grain of salt, speck of dust, and particle of soil—a constellation of meaning is composed from these elements. My practice earnestly endeavors to listen to, translate, and contextualize the conversation between the vibrancy of matter sensed by our fingertips and the expansive questions cultivated by the equally vast universe around. This work moves fluidly between fading textiles, living installations, sculpture for performance, and writing.

At Cranbrook, I have focused on sustaining color before it disappears. At first, this may seem frivolous. However, my expeditions into the history of cornflowers, the greening of our swelling seas, and the graying of our blue skies have taught me that blue is much more than a line of poetry to our eyes. Blue and its imminent absence indicate that the climate crisis is also a crisis of color. The loss of blue now propels my practice into the world of color and plants. As I emerge from Cranbrook, I will continue to consider blue and push my questions to the spectrum beyond.