Laura D. Gibson is an artist, photographer, curator in the city of Detroit. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013 from Grand Valley State University in Art History and Anthropology and is a recent graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. As a native Detroiter, her work focuses on her familial ties to the city in relation to memory, storytelling, space, displacement, and the archive. Gibson uses video, audio, and performance to dissect ways of maneuvering the city as native Detroiter and a woman of color while documenting and examining the notions of intimacy in reflecting on space and the idea of home. Gibson has worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and The National Conference of Artists Michigan Chapter and The Carr Center in Detroit as the Visual Artist Fellow. Additionally, she has collaborated with the Detroit Institute of Arts and is a member of the Detroit Artist Market Exhibition Committee and The Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club. Laura was a resident of the Talking Doll Residency, a participant in Detroit Art Week 2019 and recipient of the National Conference of Artists Michigan Chapter Excellence in Arts Award. She continues to work in the city creating educational art projects through her organization, Chiliad Creatives, and documenting spaces and communities that are tied to Detroit’s historical development and referencing the importance of community representation and the image of the urban landscape.