This video is a compression of my experience during stay at home orders in the COVID-19 crisis. I began daily recordings of the sky because of my obsession with the changing weather of springtime in Central California and the encapsulating quality of the sky. I chose the song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” because of its connection to religion and wartime in the United States. This relationship signifies the methods in which the media has sought to console or convince the public that there is an amount of patriotism required of us in the reduction of freedom, as well as questions why this tactic still feels necessary.

I have included audio components in this piece of my own sound landscape such as trains, birds, doves, passing cars, distant Mariachi music, barking dogs, and noises from my electronics. I have also added tracks from viral videos from around the world of communities playing music together from their porches, as well as cities clapping for healthcare workers.

I am interested in the aspects of this time we will remember both individually and collectively. Specifically, I wonder how significant the tensions between boredom, disruption, and death will color these recollections in the future. This piece is an exploration in predicting what the memory of this current time might feel or look like.