A tunnel that proposes space within different pieces of my work is connected to invite the viewer to enter or exit. An immersive experience is unique and not replicable among individuals; the conversation between my work and the audience is reciprocal. When you are staring at it, it stares back at you at the same time.

The format of my work varies from photograph and print to video installation and performances. My practice conceptually explores the complex range of human values, relationships, and aspirations.

I am intrigued by the way intimacy and self-consciousness vary in complex ways and how they function in the outside world. The essence of one’s self-consciousness can be found in my works. I respect the work itself and do not restrict it in terms of the format.

Performance and sound became crucial to my practice after I realized their importance in everything we experience. A work of art that is immaterial leaves behind the feeling of being there. I am fond of using composite materials as media of my own language, I compose video and audio elements, ready-made materials, and print media’s unique language, to reflect on myself and society. I capture the sensitivity of forms to the exploration of contexts beyond the frame.

My desire is to touch viewers with my work. I intend to cure and redeem both myself and others, and by doing so, I hope that the viewer and I may harmonize.