I cannot stop thinking about positive, fun, and whimsical design. I have always been a big fan of children’s fairy tales and fantasy as they are so innocent and pure. Even the most simple and childish fairy tales project a more hopeful world than what we are living in. The other worlds do not exist in our material world, but that does not mean they are not real. If they are not real, as adults often say to children, then where do the positive energy and values come from?

In the following series of sculptural studies, I explore forms that are whimsical and are reflections of the other world. Because the other world cannot exist in the material world, what I made are reflected images of the other world just like a fairy tale. The forms do not suggest any function; therefore, they do not follow function. Function follows form to achieve two goals – the otherworldliness and playful discovery of function. Most of the works are intended to have physical interaction like furniture, but there is no suggestion of specific use, and the typology is vague. The forms do not describe certain mythical beings as they are an abstraction of the visualized other world and the good values that it gives to us.