We are born from stardust on a fleck of rock lost in the Unisphere, our bodies ringing with Earth’s electricity. Vessels that navigate the physical landscape, our bodies sense these energies & intermingle with magic. This alchemy is interrupted by systems of power we have inherited. We are sold lies on the worth of our bodies & spirits. We are sent to wars & factories to fight for their power. We stand in churches & are told how to be good fellow humans while we praise the history of the violent conquest of the land we occupy. Their wars are fought over our land & resources, once a colonial and ideological conquest turned into a modern economic machine; perpetuating the need to harvest and manufacture exploited materials to fuel our insatiable desire to consume modern technological destruction. A machine so well oiled whole economies have been birthed by its efficiency, a cyborg that has grown to be vastly celebrated as the greatest force of good this world has ever seen.

Raised in the Midwest rust belt, Ish is infatuated with exploring diverse approaches in which humans occupy space in late-stage capitalism. Interacting with culture in progress, she weaves together conflating ideas of patriotism through how we brand our beliefs across our chests. Through moments of political dissent in the streets, quiet encounters of everyday connection, and explosions of celebration in distinctive arenas of subculture, Ishmael examines our collective light in the face of institutional failure.