I’m a young man – born in the early 1990s. The things I have experienced cannot be explained, resolved, or justified. America is a dumpster fire: we have a reality-television President, I cannot remember a moment when the USA was not in some sort of military conflict, natural disasters are becoming more violent and more frequent, the world economy demands more and more energy consumption, people are afraid and angry at people they perceive as different from themselves, and our political system is an absolute circus. I suppose it would be pretty easy to sit here and say punishing words toward capitalism, but that market has also secured us with tools to communicate instantly across thousands of miles and has given access to access near limitless information – even fitting this technology in your pocket. It’s a crazy time to be alive. Chaos is the word of the day. I’m hoping to take on the chaos, to use it as inspiration and method. Then, all I can do is my best to be honest about the things I have personally grown to love about growing up and living in America: drawing, custom car paint jobs, cowboys, the mall, boobs, video games, death metal graphics, music videos, synthesizers, taking drugs, watching cartoons, and basketball. The images on this page have been constructed using my iPhone and iPad – they exist in the ether of digital space, taking the form of whatever container they are placed in, ever-changing and magical.