I view our body as a black box. We know the input and output while there is much complexity in how we deal with the information we collect, what kind of internalization has it been through, and how does this process change our external performance. Objects, as a form of metaphor for the body, are created to lead me through the journey of digging into the black box.

In the ritual of self-gazed making, the urgency reveals itself to be looking for uniqueness and longing for meaning. I make multiples to create meditative deviation. The deviation lies in two aspects. One is the deviation from the image, that which the group fails to duplicate. Actually, the image is an imagined expectation, a standard falsely perceived by the viewers. The second is the deviation of the nature of making from producing. The crucial uniqueness in creating objects is the hand intervening in each, in which way energy and emotion activates a vivid figure living in the object and may live beyond the maker.