My interest is in making paintings that document the pleasures, joys, and struggles of daily life. I reinterpret my experiences into my own mental space, where the sensation, memory, mood, and emotion become essential. I use objects and self-portraits in my painting to express mundane thoughts and feelings. My use of colors represents emotions, atmosphere, and tension. Wet on wet paint enhances an alive quality and a whimsical mood in my painting. Textures, patterns, and mark-making are utilized in my works to describe space.

My inspiration comes from having my own quiet time like taking a walk at a park, drinking coffee and tea, looking at the sky, etc. I am interested in slow downtime, where I find small details in daily moments. I become hyper-aware of my surroundings when I can focus without interference. Space and atmosphere become slowed down, and I quietly contemplate the scene. I see self-reflection in my immediate environment. Simple actions such as walking, sitting, staring, doing a facemask, putting in eye drops, and tying up my hair, become engaging narratives through painterly action. I transfer my observation of the world into my own psychological and sensational imagery.