GE Liu (b. 1995 Hualien, Taiwan) is an artist currently based in Tainan and Michigan.

My studio practice focuses on building a mythological world as a coded satire of reality. The female characters in my work function as subversive humor that entertains, while encouraging viewers to look deeper to challenge their perspective of the status quo.

I am interested in mixing cultures I experience together as if I am doing my own process of alchemy. As both Christianity and consumerism are representations of Western culture’s invasion, I celebrate them just like I embrace the celebration of love (“Plastic Love”), apocalypse, worship culture, social media, and Taiwanese local culture. They are also the materials being used in my alchemical process. Whether the purpose of it is to make real gold happen (Western alchemy) or successfully being immortal (Chinese alchemy), I think either way can be cool (or both, immortal gold). Beneath the mythological alchemic superstructure, I explore the psychological realm and the collective unconsciousness through my intuitive visual language.