Working predominantly with cloth and thread, I examine relationships, entanglements, and attachments between objects, bodies, and affect. I combine softness with structure to inspect stereotypes regarding care, nurturing, and malleability, as well as analyzing vulnerability and the psychological spaces between comfort and discomfort. I use abstraction and aestheticized objects to evoke fantasy and allude to the pleasure-driven, dream-like conditions we desire and pursue despite their illusory nature. Through soft sculptural assemblages, I sift through connections between desire, our attachments, and the emotional dissonance that often ensues, and I’m intrigued by the conflicts between experienced emotions and emotions expressed. I make hybrid body-machine-like objects and compositions to examine norms and the uneasy comforts we attach to, and to explore how feelings circulate and become cultural and social practices rather than individual psychological states. I question how our world is shaped by non-linguistic effects; what are the structures of feelings and what are the embodied systems of affect? I manipulate surfaces and use repetition and tactility to discuss how emotions impress upon and shape surfaces of bodies, thus keeping bodies magnetized to systems that cause harm. My work aspires to dissect larger questions surrounding human desires while focusing on the smaller and often subtle details that contribute to and create the networks and systems we are entangled in.