My work explores the relationship between chaos and order. I’m inspired by natural forces, biomimicry, and sustainability. I use a handheld Plastic Extrusion Gun to extrude recycled plastic into organic forms resembling trees and coral, creating objects that incite conversation about materiality, process, and form. The chunky and chaotic materiality of the plastic presents an aesthetic not commonly associated with plastic objects. Many of my objects could function as furniture or household objects, but could also exist autonomously as sculpture.

My process is not a solution to the plastic pollution crisis, but serves as a call to awareness. The materiality of the work is so unfamiliar that viewers are left to figure out what it is. Then upon realizing the material is plastic, they have to grapple with the form of the piece — creating a feedback loop that brings them back to plastics in the environment. The objects resemble nature but have an element of function alluding to “useful” plastic objects. I seek to create work that emulates natural structures and make viewers question the materials and processes that are being used.

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