I used to have dreams where I would wake up and be so convinced that there was a wormhole above me. A portal to another universe. And if I sat up I would be half in our world and half in another. This idea terrified me and I would lay in bed, eyes wide open, refusing to exist in two states. These dreams may have come from too many Twilight Zone episodes. Spending so much time overthinking every cue, only to realize it was a cookbook the whole time. Two states at once.

Andie Labgold is a Washington, DC, born artist that works in sculpture, printmaking, and video. Her work focuses on how we learn logic and create our reality as children and as adults. She employs pop culture and humor in the work to retell and reimagine narratives from her childhood and today. Her work draws parallels between movie magic/cartoon logic and family norms while blending cultural residue and conspiracy theories with personal experience.